>.Hi Im runmadgirlrun my blog is about my battle with mental illness and some of the things I am doing to try and get better .
I want to help others and encourage people to talk about mental illness to stop the discrimination one day my goal is to help young people as I suffered my worst in my teenage years.

I have had to change places names for my own safety as well as others as if people find out who I am it will cause problem. I hope I can help encourage others to speak about what is going on inside there minds

Hope you enjoy reading my blog

Love and hugs



4 thoughts on “About

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  2. Im a advocate of the help yourself theory, blogged about it myself recently. Im paying for my own hypnotherapy and loosing weight and eating healthy and exercising more. Also trying to keep a routine. Will watch your blog and hope to get some ideas

  3. The best of luck to you in every endeavor of your life! Fight the good fight…Thanks for your visit to our site as well.

    Have a super day,

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